TimML is a computer program for the modeling of steady-state multi-layer flow with analytic elements TimML may be applied to an arbitrary number of layers and arbitrary sequence of aquifers and leaky layers. The Dupuit approximation is applied to aquifer layers, while flow in leaky layers is approximated as vertical. The head, flow, and leakage between aquifer layers may be computed analytically at any point in the aquifer system. The design of TimML is object-oriented and has been kept simple and flexible. New analytic elements may be added to the code without making any changes in the existing part of the code. TimML is coded in Python. Behind the scenes, use is made of FORTRAN extensions to improve performance.

This documentation is nearing completion.


TimML is written for Python 3. To install TimML, open a command prompt and type:

pip install timml

To update TimML type:

pip install timml --upgrade

To uninstall TimML type:

pip uninstall timml

Main Approximations

To be added.

List of available elements

A list of available elements is available in the menu on the right under elements.